Fishing Guide - Blue Mountains Lodge and Dean Whaanga Fly Fishing

Dean Whaanga Fly Fishing Guide

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Fly Fishing
Dean Whaanga
Essential Fishing Equipment

    • Fishing Regulations. Important, check with the current Fish and Game regulations guide to ensure that you are fishing within the correct regulations for the area that you intend fly-fishing. For more information and licence details please visit the Fish and Game website

    • Fast action 9' (2.7 metre) rod from 4wt to 6wt teamed up with your favourite line. Confidence is a big advantage to casting to large trout in this area. I have tried all the rods and at the end of the day, you pay for what you get. I stick with the best Sage or Orvis.

    • Lightweight chest waders, rubber studded wading boots (easy to keep clean to help arrest the spreading of Didymo) once again Sims or Orvis is my preferred choice.

    • Dull coloured fishing clothes, wide brim hat. Be prepared for changes in the weather bring a pack away jacket.

    • Good quality Polaroid glasses in either brown or amber.

    • We can supply top of the range rods and most other equipment. Although waders and wading boot are hard to produce in New Zealand, but I would recommend you bring your own (its more comfortable).

    • A good camera and steady nerves.

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