Fly Fishing Guide - Blue Mountains Lodge and Dean Whaanga Fly Fishing

Dean Whaanga Fly Fishing Guide

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Fly Fishing
Dean Whaanga
Seasons and Weather

Fishing Regulations
It is important that you check with current Fish and Game regulations guide to ensure that you are fishing within the correct regulations for the area that you intend on fly-fishing. For more information and licence details please visit the Fish and Game website.

Seasons and Weather
The New Zealand trout season is from October 1 to April 30.

Spring weather throughout New Zealand

The real start of the summer weather but is often windy. Some good dryfly hatches, particularly in the small rain fed trout streams.

One of the least crowded months up until Christmas. Great dry-fly fishing.

Excellent dry-fly fishing in rivers, streams and high country lakes.

Usually the hottest month, settled weather. A great time to fish the backcountry waters.

Weather is still warm and settled, the last month of good fishing in the high country rivers.

Start of autumn. Last month of the fishing season, great May fly-fishing.
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